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is a Finnish stand up comedian. She first ventured into comedy in 2008 and has been performing in Finland ever since. She is an extremely entertaining, charismatic comedian and wanted MC known for her energetic and ruthless style.


Helena has made it to the finals in several of Finland's biggest stand up contests. She was selected as a contestant in the TV stand up competition "Naurun tasapaino" in 2015 and in the same year she was a finalist in the "Newcomer of the year" (in which Ismo Leikola won in 2003).

Helena has toured twice in Finland (2016 and 2018) and once in the Costa del Sol, Spain (2018).

Helena also performs stand up comedy in English and thus far has performed in Helsinki, Moscow, Brighton, London and Sydney.


In 2015 Helena appeared as a TV-panelist and writer for the sports comedy panel, “Villi Kortti”. She did co-operation as a writer and as an actress in a short film with Finnish sketch group Biisonimafia.  

Helena’s works have also seen her as an event host: Neste Rally in Jyväskylä, Finland. Levi World Cup, Levi, Finland, Ruka World Cup, Ruka, Finland. Nordic Hospitality, Helsinki, Finland – Tallinn, Estonia.


I have been working as a communication teacher and as a ski and snowboard instructor for over 10 years.

I use my years of experience in performance and communication to deliver inspirational and motivational talks and workshops at both public and private events on shame, productivity and communication.



Here are some pictures from my comedy journey... 

to be continued...

Upcoming gigs:

6.6. Private gig, Helsinki, FINLAND


7.6. Private gig, Mikkeli, FINLAND

12.6. Stand up Sirkus, On the Rock's Kallio, Helsinki, 8pm (MC) FINLAND

13.6. All Female Panel, Manala Botta, Helsinki, Finland - new material night

12.7. Neljän koomikon ilta, ravintola Comico, Rovaniemi, FINLAND



Stand up ilta, Sonkajärvi, 8pm (MC) FINLAND



Stand up -ilta, Tammerfest, Tampere , 8pm, FINLAND

2.8. All Female Panel, Manala Botta, Helsinki 8pm FINLAND (MC)

6.8. As seen on TV, Bar Zebranos Soho, London, UK 7pm

7.8. Vauxhall Comedy Club, London, 8pm, UK

8.8. Black out, Up the Creek Comedy, London, 8pm, UK

7.9. Hosting, Liminka summer fest, FINLAND


21.9. Speech, Lead&Live work shop, JYVÄSKYLÄ, FINLAND

28.9. Munkkiklubi, Ravintola Ukko Munkki, Helsinki 7pm, FINLAND

Stand up Sirkus, On the Rock's Kallio, Helsinki, 8pm (MC) FINLAND

4.10. All Female Panel, Manala Botta, Helsinki 8pm (MC) FINLAND - SOLD OUT

5.10. Söderkulla's stand up night, Söderkulla's mansion 7pm , FINLAND

9.10. Desperation club, All Female Panel & Tero Tiittanen, Manala Botta, 8pm, Helsinki FINLAND

10.10. Stand up night, Theatre/restaurant ILO, Mikkeli 7pm, FINLAND

11.10. Pubelina stand up, Turku, 8pm. , FINLAND

12.10. All Female Panel, Ravintola Comico, Rovaniemi, 9.30pm. FINLAND


17.10. Sit Down - Stand up Comedy Night, Jimmy Talent Club, 7pm. , Kouvola, FINLAND


18.10. Stand up -ilta, Old Cock, Lappeenranta, 8pm. FINLAND

24.10. Private gig, Jyväskylä, FINLAND

26.10. All Female Panel, Stand up weekend, Helsinki, 7pm. FINLAND

2.11. Kumpula Comedy club, (MC) Helsinki, FINLAND, 7pm.

8.11. TTT-klubi, Tampere, 7pm FINLAND

12.11. Wanha Satama, 7pm, Helsinki, FINLAND

16.11. Komedia Teatteri Tampere, 8pm, FINLAND

22.11. Kuninkaan Lohet, Vantaankoski, 7pm (MC) FINLAND

29.11. All Female Panel, Pori, FINLAND

30.11. All Female Panel, Pori (MC) FINLAND

7.-8.12. Vadelmavene, Viking Line cruise, FINLAND/Baltic Sea

20.12. Komedia teatteri, 8pm, Turku, FINLAND

21.12. Apollo, Helsinki, FINALND, 9pm.


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+35844 293 7705

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